What is their plan? What strategic contingencies do we need to have?

Obama’s poll numbers are sinking like a rock filled with lead. His policies & proposals are meeting with great opposition from inside congress & out here. We are licking our chops for 2010. In all this, I remember Joe Biden telling a group that times would get tough, poll numbers would drop, & he was urging the faithful to stick with Obama through this…

This cause me to ponder. Was Biden just telling the group that things would be tough or was he signaling a plan? Could the Democrats have a strategy to rehabilitate themselves before the 2010 elections? What did they learn from the 1994 electoral drubbing that may stave off a repeat in 2010? Are they just trying to get as much in before they’re out, or do they have a plan to stay in power? If they have a plan, what is it & wh