Rush Limbaugh - Our Modern Day Thomas Paine

Rush Limbaugh’s speech to CPAC was simply brilliant. For me, he encapsulated conservatism, explained & defended it as well as I’ve ever seen, heard, or read. He dispensed common sense conservatism with alacrity, great humor, and authentic passion.

Rush is much like Thomas Paine. Neither were accepted by the “establishment” of his time. Paine’s words rallied a new nation to not give up the fight for independence. Rush’s words are rallying conservative Republicans all around the country to not give up in the fight to keep our freedoms & our way of life from being stolen by a rampaging federal government.

Like Paine, Rush has received many scurrilous, personal attacks. Arguing the facts & substance fail for the opposition, so they revert to ridicule & personal jibes.

Those of us who are conservative Republicans, who value our conservative ideals, must not let the left use Alinsky’s tactics without fierce opposition. I am gratefully proud to be a listener & reader of Rush’s words, & I challenge all who read this to not be afraid to say so!