Feeling a little "Radical" myself lately

I’ve been doing some research on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” It’s a very interesting work, with some disturbing aspects. I’m not saying nor will I say that we should adopt these tactics 100%, however there are some things to learn not only to counter these tactics from the left but also to inculcate some of these for our benefit.

Has anyone read the entire book? Any thought one would care to share, please do! A quick look through the “rules,” & one can see how these were used by the Clintons as well as during the Bush years, leading up to Obama. If we know the tactics of our opponents we don’t have to fear them, & can counter as well as adopt & adapt some for our own positive usage. I can think of no more positive usage than to stop as much of what Obama & the congressional Democrats want to do.