Turning Anger & Passion Into Action

I won’t take up valuable bandwidth by posting links – there are a plethora of stories about “angry” McCain/Palin supporters. Also, there is no shortage of stories pushing the mantra that the election is over &, without saying it, Obama is…Inevitable.

We’ve heard this little ditty before. “Lifelong” Republicans & conservatives who have seen the light & are going to vote for the Democrat – Obama, in this redition.

That said, I also believe it’s safe to say that McCain/Palin are behind right now – however, the gap is far from insurmountable. It’s time for action.

We have a right & responsibility to have concern for the direction of our country. We have a right & responsibility to oppose the efforts to elect Obama. We have a right & responsibility to elect John McCain & Sarah Palin. What we must do is put our anger, our passion, into positive action. Contact your local Republican party &/or McCain/Paliin campaign & volunteer for efforts to get our people, those who will vote for McCain/Palin, out to the polls. Stand up to efforts to convince people that it’s over & Obama is inevitable. It is not over, & WE can win if WE will take the action to make it happen. We have seen what happens to the inevitable candidates in this cycle, & it is incumbent on us to make it happen one more time.