Energy in the Republican Conservative Base

This won’t be too long, no wonderful links or anything like that. I am the secretary for the Cheatham County (TN) Republican Party. We held our monthly meeting last night. We normally average around 10 – 15 people during the “off” season – in August we had about 10 folks show up, & this just before McCain picked Governor Palin as his VP nominee. We talked about McCain’s performance v. Obama’s at Saddleback & other matters. Suffice to say, up until then energy had been a bit “lacking.”

Last night, Thursday September 25, we had approximately 55-60 people show up! Cheatham County is a bedroom community to Nashville, split about 52% Democrat primary voters & %48 Republican primary voters – we don’t register under a party in Tennessee. This enthusiasm & excitement is directly related to the bold move by Senator McCain in picking Sarah Palin & his bold moves recently. With his performance in tonight’s debate, I can only pray that Senator McCain continues with the bold moves & demonstrations of true leadership &, shall I say the word, Gravitas?