A Personal Story - Unplanned Pregnancy

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t really pro-life. During high school & college in the 1980’s, when every “teen” movie HAD to have some pro-abortion message, I knew that life was the right choice for the baby.

My wife became pregnant with our son before we were married. That was not a good choice on our part. We were engaged, & then married. We have been blessed with a very healthy, strong, intelligent son. Not everything was a bed of roses, we have had our struggles. I’d say we’ve had more struggling years, money & other things, than “lesser” struggling years. I would not change a thing, however, because I’d not want our son to be any different.

A couple of years ago we found out that his now fiance was pregnant. Of course, we had “the talk” several times – however, they chose to have a baby. Choosing life was our tact, though there were some issues with the parents of the girl. I can understand that, & with time & patience things worked out. We now have a very healthy, intelligent, & strong grandson who just turned 1 year old. Both families (though hers are Democrats) are strong & we are helping them through this time. She is extremely intelligent & a good academic student who finished in the top 20% of her class. My son was not the greatest student, however he has found a calling working with dogs & it looking to further education.

I would offer this is the better situation for the child, & everyone involved. I know people who have had abortions, decisions they regret. We have had tough times & will have struggles in the future, however we will never have to wonder “what if” the child had been born. Our child & grandchild will have the opportunity to achive, fail, & excel.

I understand what the Palin family is experiencing & they are in our prayers. I am heartened that they have made the choice of life, & am sure they understand they’ve made the right choice. Bristol Palin’s child & Sarah’s grandchild will have the opportunity of life. Where there is life, there exists infinite possiblity