Phillip Johnson, TN State Rep for District 78

The Clarksville TN Department of Electricity hosted a forum for local candidates recently. Phillip Johnson is the current State Representative for TN House district 78, which includes part of Montgomery County.

The forum included questions from the audience. The differences between Phillip Johnson, who is a rock-ribbed grassroots conservative, and his opponent – who is a very liberal Democrat – are striking. The forum discussion is broken down into two segments. Part 1 is here; segment 2 is here.

Not only is Phillip right on the issues; notice the professional and personable way he conducts himself. He was first elected in 2002 when the new district was created. He has won re-election twice, both times against well funded opponents. This district, 78, was created by the Democrat leadership in the Tennessee Legislature as a Democrat district. It is about 52% Democrat in primaries. Phillip won the first time thanks to good, “old fashioned” hard work and honesty. He has been re-elected because he does the job of representative with integrity and excellence. Phillip is the kind of person we all want in a Representative, and his grassroots organization is powerful because he is part of the grassroots conservative base. We need more Representatives like Phillip all over the country in our state legislatures and as a “bench” for higher offices.