Sympathy for Geller

We seem to live in a society where the most outraged win.  This has not escaped the enemies of Western civilization and of America.  This has also not escaped the hoodlums pillaging the streets of American cities like Ferguson and Baltimore who use outrage as an excuse to re-enact the sacking of Rome.  Outrage seems to cover an awful lot of sins.

Just take a moment and objectively consider the fact that we have apparatchiks in the talking classes who are justifying violence because someone drew a cartoon.  Just a still drawing.  I mean, Family Guy did a whole episode where Jesus was flaunting His “virginity”, trying to get laid.  The Simpsons, South Park, and numerous other “entertainment” outlets have taken swipes at Jesus and at the Christian God.  You don’t see Christians rioting, shooting people, or planning terror attacks over it.  Some Christians get mad about it.  Some will complain on social media or boycott the offending show.  Some just ignore it, acknowledging that blasphemy is a product of a fallen world and of lost sinners who, in their unredeemed state, can’t help but sin.  But that may be why they have no traction in today’s outrage-based society.

On the other hand, the loud, the violent, the offensive, and the perpetually offended are the ones who get their way.  There is always some justification, some grievance, some excuse made for these sorts that is offered to vindicate their actions.  Just zoom out for a minute here.  How did we get to the point that we are rationalizing beheading, mass shooting, bombing, rape, human trafficking, sex slavery, genocide, rioting, looting, assault, and all manner of violence?  What clause in the US Constitution says that the Bill of Rights is contingent upon the relative outrage of the involved parties?  I mean, Muslims are outraged by someone drawing a picture and saying it is of Muhammad.  I’m outraged by the fact that they are beheading Christians.  Who is disrespecting whose religion more?  (Moreover, I am outraged by the general treatment of women and of religious minorities under Islam).  And yet, all of the hand-wringing is going on over the actions of the organizers of the Draw the Prophet event.

The irony is that political cartoons have a storied history of drawing attention to important political issues and making them understandable even to the least informed and enlightened.  The Draw the Prophet event was in the same vein.  The point was to draw attention to the real issue which so many seem to forget: Islamic violence is out of control and there is no legitimate justification for it.  No YouTube video excuses what happened in Benghazi.  No so-called “American imperialism” gives ISIS the right to rape, murder, behead, enslave, torture, shoot, or otherwise harm their neighbors who believe differently from them.  No drawing, no matter the content, justifies two men trying to shoot anyone.

And while we’re on the topic, centuries-old, centuries cold supposed grievances don’t justify violence either.  Muslims are still pointing to the Crusades as their justification, for crying out loud.  Moreover, that history is sketchy at best.  Many seem to obscure the fact that the Muslims were the invaders and aggressors, and that European powers were forced to use overwhelming force in order to try and repel them.  They also neglect to mention that the Muslims, attempting then as ISIS is now to create a global caliphate, took over much territory that was never returned.  They uprooted countless other ethnic groups, commandeered what they wanted of their art, technology, and culture, destroyed what they didn’t want, and created an underclass of the subjugated.  Kinda like ISIS is doing now.

Many of these terrorist leaders are well-educated and well-to-do, which flies in the face of the pet leftist narrative that all of their violence can be explained away by poverty, desperation, and ignorance.  And they have learned well from the western grievance-mongers.  They have learned that criminals can be turned into tragic heroes given the right spin.  They have learned that many Westerners are ashamed of their success, stability and prosperity and that this can be exploited.  They have learned that, with the right narrative repeated often enough and at sufficient volume, one can turn the eyes of the world away from the plight of the true victims and gain sympathy for even the most diabolical, bloodthirsty, rapacious, and evil of filth.

And we bring this upon ourselves.  We are encouraging these manipulators to greater heights, or rather depths, of atrocity.  They find that not only can they get away with it, but they may well be honored for it.  What kind of deterrence is our perpetual mea culpa?  None whatsoever.  This isn’t turning the other cheek: this is offering to cut our own wrists.  Can we at least quit contorting reality and call a spade a spade?  Logic and common sense have been tortured enough: I think that we can offer them release for time served.  Let us finally acknowledge that no amount of appeasement short of unconditional surrender and mass conversion will satisfy Islamic outrage.  They won’t stop at the Sudetenland.  Before you know it, they’ll be occupying Paris and knocking on Russia’s door.