Bring on Christie

Word is coming out that Governor Christie is reconsidering and may even be likely to enter into the 2012 Presidential Race.  All I can say to that is… Thank God! 

Governor Perry seemed like he may swoop in and save the Republicans this year.  But, his performance has been severely underwhelming.  Seems his years of not actually having many serious challenges have left him weak and unprepared for this type of rigorous debate. 

Governor Romney is about as conservative as John McCain and flips and flops just as much too. 

Governor Palin probably won’t get in, she gets much more positive attention by toying with the thought.  If she actually got in, much of that attention would turn much more sour.  And, I really don’t think she would have a chance and I believe she knows that. 

Representative Bachmann started off strong, but showed her true colors pretty quickly.  She just doesn’t have the personality that people, especially independents, would ever warm up to. 

All the rest never really had a chance anyway and still don’t. 

My problem with the field is that I’m sick of politicians.  President Obama is the politician-in-chief.  I never thought I’d see someone who would care more about being a politician than a leader than President Clinton, but President Obama blows him out of the water. 

We need leadership.  We need someone to tell it like it is, not someone to try and make pretty speeches to lull us into a trance like dream state hoping that their words will match their actions and solve problems. 

Governor Christie is not a politician.  He is more like a Truman type personality.  He will tell you what he thinks and if you don’t agree with him, then too bad.  He isn’t going to get in power and then worry about poll numbers.  He will get in power and worry about doing what he thinks needs to be done to fix this Country. 

Some other member recently wrote a good entry about needing a hero to enter the race.  Well, let’s all keep our fingers cross.  The big man from New Jersey might be riding his (hopefully very strong backed) horse into the race to be our hero.