Private Property: an Inalienable Right to Life

 Private Property:  an Inalienable Right to Life

“Everyone has property in his own person. This nobody has any right to but himself. The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his”. John Locke (Second Treatise, Chapter 5).

Private property is something owned by an individual, but what causes ownership?  Because “ownership” is an inalienable right, we, as Americans, need to understand what exactly “ownership” means.

            Ownership is a direct byproduct of life.  Life is that amount of existence we are given from birth to death.  What we do with our life will determine what we own.

 Life is the only real currency.

Every person in existence has Life. Some have more, some have less, but all have it.  We work a job for a set wage, meaning that, we have traded a portion of our Life for that wage. We trade hours and years of our life for money. We then use that money to support our lives.  Because we cannot use our actual Life Essence to purchase the goods or services we need and want, we, in turn, buy goods with the money we receive for our labor.  We are, however-in reality-spending our Life Essence.  What establishes ownership is not the fact that we spent our own money for a good, but that the physical good represents a defined period of time in our existence.  Therefore, a person or institution that unjustly takes money or property that was been earned by us, by our very Life Essence, is a direct assault on the Right to Life itself: robbing that person of a defined and measurable amount of their life.

This attack on the inalienable Right to Life is why the redistribution of wealth is so evil.  Redistribution of wealth takes the finite existence of one person and gives it to someone else.  When done without consent, it is called Slavery, robbing another human being’s life for the advancement of another. 


“‘Tis true, governments cannot be supported without great charge, and ’tis fit everyone who enjoys his share of the protection, should pay out of his estate his proportion of the maintenance of it”.  John Locke (Second Treatise, Chapter 11).


Any time a government, through taxation, takes money from someone’s Life Essence investment, that person must have full access to the services provided by the government, reaping the full benefit of their investment, such as the Police. The Police watch over and protect our lives and the goods we buy with our lives.  We receive full and just compensation for the taxing of our Life Essence in the form of the protection of our families, ourselves, and our goods.  This also applies to National Defense, Fire, and the other basic functions of government that are clearly laid out in the Constitution. When the government continues to tax and gives services to some but not others, or gives no worthwhile services at all (“worthwhile” defined as: the Enumerated Powers laid out in the Constitution) we are then slaves to our own government.  They have taken a portion of our Lives and have given us nothing in return, all the while, advancing themselves and their own agenda.  

Slavery by taxation is at the heart of why the citizenry of the United States needs to firmly reestablish the role of government in our lives.  I implore all of us take a very close look at every candidate we vote for.  Questions need to be asked in the 2010 election that we have not asked ourselves in past elections. We need to question whether a candidate will loudly and openly reject this Slavery of the American people.  If your current elected officials are not seeking to relieve so vast a burden and are not actively seeking to advance the freedom that is engrained in the heart of every person, then it is our duty, as our Inalienable Rights demand, to vote them out and elect citizens who stand for true Freedom.  I ask all citizens that feel as though there are no candidates from either party that holds to these ideals, to run for office.  Americans need representatives that love life, liberty, private property, and the protection of these rights.

            I have taken the steps necessary to be become a Congressional candidate in Michigan’s 3rd district.  I seek the support of all people, parties and organizations that believe in the ideals of the Founding Fathers and the freedoms that were established at the founding of our country.  I hope and pray that all Conservative, Freedom-loving Americans can rally around the principles of the Constitution.  It is necessary now, more than ever, that all people, parties, and organizations that seek to give the Government back to the people, work together and speak together with one voice.  Our numbers are vast and our voice is strong.  We need only focus our heart’s desire in a specific direction.  If this is accomplished, then We the People will win the next election.


Michael Van Kleeck: A Common Man for Common Sense              

Congress 2010

Jan. 2010