Forty Three

I travel for work. I work for a large P&C insurer’s catastrophe team and have been pretty busy this year. I’m currently working in the Houston area so my ability to get good news and spend any quality time finding out what’s going on has been minimal.

I’ve been watching the news today as I build up the courage to tell someone they are pretty much hosed in getting their home rebuilt.

Anyhoo…(sorry for the sidetrack).

I’m starting to come to the realization that the drag of W, and Bush’s inability to stop people from the rabid craziness that was BDS, that no matter how great McCain is and how BAD Obama is, Obama looks to probably win.

So…if this is true, we MUST, we absolutely MUST keep at least 43 Senate seats. I picked 43 to help us with the two senators from Maine and the rouge Republican.

I pray everyday for McCain to turn it around. But I’m sort of wondering if it’s possible with the media, and with the polls reinforcing the narrative Obama needs.

I’m normally not a doom and gloomer, but dealing with a lot of people who are feeling neglected by “the man” even in the Burbs of Houston, are talking crazy.