Kudos Mr. President

Although my blog has only been up and running for about two weeks, you would be amazed at the number of hateful emails I have been getting from Obama supporters. Most of them are unfit to print due to language and many claim that I am a racist, partisan, mouth-piece for the right who is incapable of objectively analyzing any of President Obama’s accomplishments. So I thought today I would write a post giving Obama kudos for one good thing he has accomplished.

The Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility was a hot topic throughout most of the 2008 election season. Obama and his supporters claimed that much of the hate directed at the United States was due to our actions and policies of abusing detainees at Gitmo. If only we could close this facility we would be on the path to peace and love from the rest of the world.

Somehow the wrath of Al Qaeda, and other extremists was based on the United States, who “for no reason” invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and was actively grabbing innocent Muslims, and throwing them in a U.S. operated “torture” facility in Cuba. I guess 9/11 must be just a forgotten crisis that was “wasted” to Obama and the left. (Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanual would not be happy with you disregarding his advice on how to use a crisis. Shame, shame, you should have known better. . .)

According to the left if we only stopped abusing these innocent civilians in our horrific, warm, sunny, and resort-like, prison in Cuba the threat of terrorism would immediately fade away.
When Obama took office job number one was to direct the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Now, over two years later Gitmo is still open and busy as ever. As we have seen with the attempted bombing of Times Square, the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber, and countless others the extremists are obviously still quite angry with us. I know that the Obama administration is very careful about not using the words “muslim extremists” or “islamic extremists” because the left considers those words to be politically incorrect, but I don’t care – those words accurately describe just who our enemy is.

We will probably never hear the reasons why Obama quickly backed away from closing the Guantanamo Bay facility after assuming office. Whether he was finally able to read the classified intelligence information that Bush based his decisions on, or maybe he never really believed that closing the facility was the right thing to do in the first place and it was just a campaign promise, or maybe the military and intelligence leaders set him straight on the reality of the threat, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

In any case, I want to congratulate President Obama. He has done some thing right when it comes to Guantanamo Bay, or rather he has failed to do something wrong – move ahead with closing the facility.

If only he had managed to fail to follow through on the rest of his promises and goals he made public during the campaign . . . maybe unemployment would not be such a problem and our economy would be back on the road to recovery (not just tricked into turning down a dead-end street here and there only to be forced to retrace our path).

So thats all I can muster at this point for positive accomplishments and praise for the Administration. Probably not what the lefties were expecting, but maybe enough to avoid a few of those (to quote Obama) “vitriolic” emails.

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