Axelrod: “We’ve Learned Some Lessons”

Fox posted this story this morning about the outgoing David Axelrod, someone who the mainstream media was quick to describe as brilliant and the man behind Obama’s soaring rhetoric and political victories. Axelrod claims that in the last two months, Obama has “played big”. He claims that Obama will continue to play big right up through the next election to rebuild coalitions, and regain support.

According to Axelrod: “To win again, Obama has ground to recover in assembling the coalition of independents, infrequent voters and other groups that rallied behind him the last time.”

Basically what this story boils down to is that, according to Axelrod, Obama needs to move more toward the center at least until after the 2012 elections. The problem with this is we that all know Obama is a far leftist. In the 2008 election season he did a great job a pretending to be a centrists, pretending he wanted everyone to just get along, and pretending to be just a “normal guy”. He is none of those things as we have witnessed during his first two years in office. He jammed through as much far left legislation as possible, and has done his best to embarrass this country in the eyes of the rest of the world.

I have no doubt that the “infrequent voters” Axelrod speaks of are all of the first-time voters who in 2008 voted just because they could vote for a black man for president. How about we vote for a qualified person for president regardless of what color or sex the candidate is.

Now that over two years have gone by, I think that Obama will have a more difficult time rallying these uniformed an infrequent voters to support him. Many of those voters were poor, and minorities, who by now have realized their Mr. Obama’s promises have not materialized. Roughly double the number of previously supportive voters for Mr. Obama are currently unemployed compared to 2007-2008.

So Axelrod and Obama can talk all they want about “playing big”, the truth is the only way they can win is by cheating, and changing to the rules in the middle of the game. Hopefully the American people realize that if Obama wins again in 2012 he will tack hard left again, the day after the election and continue to further damage this country. Hopefully the American people realize they are not alone supporting the TEA Party and everything they stand for. No longer can the left claim that the Republicans and the TEA Party are an isolated bunch of extremists touting a bunch of craziness. Instead it seems that in just two years the left has proven themselves to be the ineffective and disastrous party for this country that many of us have always known them to be.



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