Cheap Food - Not Any More. . .

MSNBC.com is running a story that “An Era of Cheap Food May Be Drawing to a Close”.  The article discusses skyrocketing corn prices, grain, soybeans, and other crops.  A combination of drought in some areas, unusually wet weather in others and unrest in certain parts of the world are creating shortages and driving up prices.

What MSNBC fails to mention is that corn prices are significantly higher all over the world because what the United States used to export for food use is not turned into ethanol to be mixed with gasoline.  The environmentalists pushed for years for government incentives and tax-breaks for biofuels and alternatives to petroleum based fuels.  Al Gore and his gang got their wish.

For several years now most gas pumps in the country have dispensed E10 which is 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol.  It was determined by government testing (right. . . .) that this blend would not harm vehicle fuel systems or engines.  Many consumers noticed sharp decreases in gas mileage once they began using the blend (ethanol contains less energy density than an equivalent volume of gas).  Others complained that machinery such as generators and other equipment experienced problems, and many small single-engine airplanes certified to run on auto gas cannot use this blend.

Now farmers, and biofuel/ethanol producers are lobbying congress to increase the maximum ethanol blend to E15 because ethanol production is now much greater than demand.  Many manufacturers have excess production capacity that is not being used.  There does not seem to be any consideration that consumers don’t want to risk problems with their vehicles, or have their mpg or vehicle performance decrease further.  Even Al Gore, the former champion of ethanol, has backed away from his position now that evidence shows burning ethanol releases even more so-called “greenhouse gasses” than regular petroleum based fuels.

Has the left ever stopped to think that maybe food would not be such a major crisis all over the world if we would stop burning it instead of eating it?  All the land we devote to feedstock for biofuels could be put to better use feeding people rather than engines.  We could stick to what works: petroleum based fuels that do not damage our vehicles, and from which we get our moneys worth.  The problem is the left does not want us to have access to petroleum bases fuels either, at least not that which is produced from domestic drilling.   Wait. . . .. they don’t want use sending money overseas for foreign oil either.  Basically stop driving, stop heating your home, stop living.  Go back to a third or fourth world living standard and the left will be happy.

In the meantime the left will continue pointing fingers at other people for problems which they have created.  Remember it is expected that we will never examine the results of Democrat policies only examine their intentions.



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