Left Wants Public Money for Campaigns

On Wednesday the House voted 239-160 to eliminate public funding for campaigns.  Ten Democrats crossed over to vote with Republicans.  The bill was written by Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), and would eliminate the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.   Money in this fund comes from taxpayers who check a box on their returns to direct $3 if federal money to the fund each year.

“The [CBO] estimates that ending the program could save $617 million over the next ten years.”

Many politicians, including President Obama, have chosen not to use public funds since doing so subjects them to campaign finance restrictions.  Democrats continue to argue that the system should be reformed rather than ended.  Just  how they expect to reform the system is anyone’s guess.  Year after year the Democrats claim that if both candidates were forced to use public funds they would be forced onto a more even playing field.

The truth is:  there is no such thing as an even playing field in politics.  Human nature and the nature of politics in general require that in order to win you need an advantage.  The Democrats like to act as though somehow limiting the amount of money in a campaign will make the election “more fair”.  If that is the case, why to people like George Soros continue to fund liberal organizations that funnel billions of dollars into campaign funds and lobbying?  Isn’t that a little unfair?  Then you have President Obama who refused to participate in the program in 2008 releasing a statement the day before the bill was passed opposing the measure.  Seems like another “Do as I say, not as I do.” moment for the left.

The left claims that the purpose of passing this new law is to give corporations more access to campaigns through influence and donations.  Last I checked, in the 2008 presidential election, corporations donated the majority of their money to Democrats.

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund, is a relic of the past.  It may have served a purpose in the days before the internet, two year long campaign cycles, 24 hour communications, and mobile phones.  Not anymore.  Politicians can easily reach voters and have not had any problem raising the needed campaign funds in any election in recent history.  This fund is simply another misuse of taxpayer funds and another example of Democrats unwilling to walk-the-walk and act on some of that hopey-change.

Bravo to the Republicans who are off to a good start of swiftly following through on campaign promises to cut spending.



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House passes bill eliminating public financing