Stop Talking Already. . .

So here is another article on our national debt.  Guess what?  It’s a problem!

The Congressional Budget Office says: “The federal government increasingly risks sending the country into a fiscal crisis.  Projecting that unless cuts are made, within a decade the national debt could reach nearly 100 percent of all annual economic activity.”

We know this, and we have known this for quite some time.  Unfortunately we have not been in a position to do something about it for awhile.  There is no reason to listen to endless congressional testimony or to hold hearings about the debt.  Talk and inaction never got us anywhere, just like most congressional inquiries and investigations yield little usable or actionable information.

Congress needs to understand that the American people do not need to hear testimony in front of congress to understand the hole we are in; the hole we continue to dig.  Congress also does not need to hear testimony to understand this concept, with few exceptions these same politicians are the ones who spent the money and got us into this mess.

The TEA Party has stated that no program should be above cuts.  This includes the Defense Department, which like all government organizations have mountains of fraud, waste, and abuse that is encroaching on legitimate spending and endangers our national security.  I believe that national defense is one of the most important functions of government.  One function that is actually spelled out in the constitution.  Without a sound budget, and a functioning government acting as the founders intended we cannot possible ensure the defense and safety of the nation.

It’s time to stop talking already . . . . and to start acting.  Start cutting wasteful programs TODAY before it is too late.



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