Another "Green" Failure

Here is another example of a story receiving little attention from the Drive-By media.  Pelosi’s composting program was costing tax payers $475,000 a year.  Luckily Representative Dan Lungren (R-CA) stepped up to help end the program.  Like most ideas the left proposes, we are supposed to focus on their good intentions not the results or the cost of those good intentions.

“. . .an inspector general review found that all things considered, the impact made by the program was equivalent to taking just one car off the road annually.”

Wow!  That is one expensive car.  The rest of Pelosi’s green initiatives included changing from styrofoam to biodegradable items in House eateries, replacing lightbulbs with more energy efficient models, replacing toilets and plumbing fixtures to save water, and sealing leaks in heating and cooling systems.

Although in theory some of the ideas she proposed like changing the lightbulbs and sealing leaks in the heating and cooling systems are probably a good idea to save money in the long-run, the idea that they can save the planet or that they are “green” is insane.  Unfortunately something as simple as changing lightbulbs probably took several years worth of studies and approvals, never-mind actually prying some of these government workers out of their chairs to go change the bulbs.

If Pelosi really wanted to “Green” the house why didn’t she or any of the other environmentally conscious representative think to stop printing the 325-475 copies of each and every bill that comes to the floor?  The paper from the estimated 750,000 pages printed during the Obamacare debate alone could have made a difference.  But yet on January 18th 2011 it was republicans (Rep. Chris Lee, R-NY) who proposed the rule change to stop the wasteful printing.

During her term as Speaker, Pelosi routinely made use of Air Force Boeing 757 equivalent jets to travel to and from Washington although smaller planes were available.  These planes typically carry 150-200 passengers in the civilian world, but her staff cited security concerns to justify the cost to tax payers.  The simple fact is that Democrats like to say they are saving taxpayers money, they like to think about ways to feel good about helping the environment, they like to believe that they can “make a difference”, but in reality none of their ideas ever consider the cost to taxpayers or the actual effectiveness of their plan.



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