Fran Drescher For US Senate

Hey, why not, at least she really is a New Yorker, accent and all. New York Magazine tells us Fran Drescher wants Hillary’s seat; http://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/52766/


She has more life experience than Caroline Kennedy and she certainly knows how to get down with the folks because she is one of them. Plus, Drescher has had to actually work for a living and earn her position in life.


Why settle for a boring “Princess” when you can have a star? Plus, Fran actually seems to have some common sense. Why select another boring liberal who takes themselves way too seriously when you can have a fun gal like Fran? It would certainly make debate in the Senate more interesting.


The way I see it, New Yorkers will get better representation from Fran because she won’t be in it for the legacy or to protect the family fortune. Plus they won’t have to put up with all that Camelot garbage.


Hey New Yorkers, give us a break, please call your Governor and tell him you want Fran! Please spare the rest of us another endless stream of Kennedy legacy stories.