Will we prove him right or wrong?

No doubt many of you have read “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers. It explains one person’s journey into and, eventually, out of Communism.

Chambers tells us that men do not become Communists because they embrace the philosophy. They embrace it, because of their insecurities during times of economic hardship and war. That’s why the rhetoric of this past campaign is very disturbing. The glorious government as utopia is being peddled as never before, preying upon the insecure.

Democracy is an easy sell to people who believe they can get ahead in the world. But for people who believe otherwise, the great equalizer is to bring everyone down to their level. Communism was always most successfully promoted in places where large numbers of the population were without great hope for the future. That’s why it is very easy to go from serfdom to communism as in the case of the former Soviet Union. There is quite a resemblance between the two, only the “master” of Communism is not an aristocratic hereditary lord, it is the aristocratic state. The Dacha’s are still occupied, only the occupants are now “government men.” Privilege did not end, it merely changed hands. Life did not significantly improve for the serfs as they were fed a steady stream of failed government plans. Most of their plans were agricultural and industrial disasters and many thousands died as a result.

Right now our government men are selling us on their own special brand of government plans. If those who “have not” are convinced there is no hope for their future, it is very easy to convince them to support taking it from the “haves” even though they will never be the recipients of the largesse. The government men are doing their very best to make our situation sound as bad as possible and to make it seem that only their intervention will save us.

Problem is, the redistribution of wealth and the government ownership of business they are selling us are not Democratic ideals. Free money is never free, especially when it is paid for with the loss of freedom. What’s next … five year plans? History should serve as a warning, yet people, even those who should know better, seem to be lining up to buy into it. Have so many become so insecure that they have lost hope for our future as a Democracy? The way our enemies around the world are salivating over the thought of our demise should be a strong signal to us that we are heading in the wrong direction. But we just keep rolling along.

When Chambers decided to leave Communism behind, he tells his wife that by rejecting Communism, they will be leaving the winning side for the losing side. He was convinced that Communism would eventually prevail over Democracy/Capitalism.

The question is, will we prove him right or wrong?