I sometimes visit the PUMA websites Hillbuzz and HillaryClintonForum.net as I imagine some of you do. Unlike the liberal Republican weak knees and, the so called, conservative pundits who give up before a shot is fired, PUMAS are optimists. They don’t waiver in their support of McCain. They roll up their sleeves and walk the walk. They also put their money where their mouth is and boy, do I admire their tenacity. They don’t poke holes in every bit of good news that comes their way, instead they relish it and they use it. They are not afraid to speak their minds and spread the word. They will talk to anyone who will listen and a lot of people are listening.

From what I can gather, most PUMAS are women. They appear to be from all walks of life. They have one thing in common; their anger at the way Hillary was unfairly treated by THEIR own party. They didn’t take their marbles and go home when they won the electorate, but were passed over by the Democrat Party. They had a plan, which includes defeating Obama by helping McCain.

The PUMAS have embraced and defended Palin with the same enthusiasm in which they embraced Hillary, not because they agree with her on all the issues, but because they understand women have to work together to break that ceiling and free all the women of this land. The futures of ALL the daughters are at stake. I wonder how those who have demeaned Palin and Hillary would feel if it was their mother, sister or daughter who was the target of such slander.

In some ways, the PUMAS also had to learn the hard way something I have always known; the GOP is FEMALE FRIENDLY and the DNC is FEMALE USER FRIENDLY. If you don’t remember Margaret Chase Smith, I suggest you look her up because she put the first big crack in the glass ceiling. Even though she didn’t have nearly enough convention votes to win the Presidential nomination, the GOP did not stop her supporters from having their convention floor demonstration to show that support. I sure hope Maine remembers and honors that remarkable woman from their state when they vote in this election.

Not so long ago in history, a girl could grow up to be a housewife and mother, later they could be secretaries, teachers or nurses, then they could be middle managers, now they can be a CEO or Senator. Soon, mainly because of people like the PUMAS, they can achieve the highest office in the land. The PUMAS are saying to women you can be all or any of the above … and it is O.K. Isn’t that what every man and woman would want for their daughter?

The PUMAS have given this Republican great insight. I know our party will have them for only a short time and I will miss them when they move on. I have fallen in love with them and wish they would stay with us, our party could use a continued infusion of POSITIVE PUMA POWER. Yet, I understand their mission is Hillary and wish them well.

But I do hope they will stay with us for one more fight before they go; ADDRESSING THE MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD THAT THREATENS OUR FREEDOM. We need to clean it up and the PUMAS are just the right folks to help those of us who care about this issue.

I want to thank them. Right now, all my contributions go to McCain and other GOP candidates. When this election is over, I am going to do something I have never done before; contribute to a Democrat. I will contribute to Hillary to help out with her campaign debt to HONOR the service of the PUMAS.

They have helped turn this election around for McCain/Palin. They knew about O and his bots way before they showed up on our radar screen because they had already been in the trenches. They have proven we can cross party lines without fear of electrocution when our country’s future is at stake.

I hope I will be only one of many Republicans who remembers to thank them. You Go Girls!

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