I don’t know about you, but I am getting real tired of hearing about how John McCain has run a terrible campaign. McCain should do this, McCain should do that, McCain should go here, McCain should go there. McCain lost this opportunity, McCain lost that opportunity. McCain should attack, McCain should be positive, Palin was a bad pick, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

As far as I can see he has done just about everything right. I think his campaign has been brilliant in ways that only a die hard “glass half empty” pessimist can ignore.

Let’s look at it. He turned the high oil prices to his advantage; DRILL BABY DRILL. He turned the economy (which should have been a disaster for him) to his advantage; I AM JOE THE PLUMBER and SPREAD THE WEALTH. He won all three debates and actually scored a knockout in the last one. He chose Sara Palin for VP and overnight solidified a conservative base that really doesn’t like him very much and infused his campaign with an enthusiasm that hasn’t been seen in GOP circles since Reagan. He has taken advantage of every Biden gaff. He has gotten the terrorist, socialist, voter fraud angle into this campaign’s discourse. Nobody seems to get it that he doesn’t attack the Reverend Wright because he doesn’t need to do it, talk radio, conservative commentators and websites are doing it for him. The P.O.W. (Prisoner of Wright) in this campaign is Obama and his many less than savory associations. HOPE & CHANGE is now redefined as SPREAD THE WEALTH.

The meaningless words HOPE & CHANGE will quickly be forgotten after this election, but everyone will remember DRILL BABY DRILL, SPREAD THE WEALTH and I AM JOE THE PLUMBER.

Yet even McCain’s supporters, all too often, are so quick to pronounce his campaign dead. *McCAIN IS THE ONE WHO HAS DEFINED HIS OPPONENT AND PUT HIM ON THE DEFENSIVE. *The golden rule of real world politics; If you define your opponent, you win. Who else but McCain could have had the credibility to pull this off in an election year that is supposed to belong to Democrats?

Did he have any help? Of course he did, some of it from his opponents. A lot of it came from the conservative websites and bloggers, talk radio and commentators. I don’t deny them a share of the credit.

But, no doubt, plenty of the people who have criticized his campaign will take the credit for dragging him to the winners circle. That wouldn’t be an honest assessment. They helped, but McCain/Palin led the charge.

Now the polls, even though they a heavily weighted in the Democrat’s favor, are tightened to the point where only a fool would fail to see that McCain is about to pull off a win.

I have had a lot of experience in campaigns and I must say this one has been one of the most brilliantly run campaigns I have ever seen. It has stayed on its two pronged message: by first asking the question “Who is Barack Obama?” and then by answering it with “A man not ready to serve.” So how about some hard earned praise for this man and his running mate? They certainly deserve it.