Well, the other day, those who predicted the weather “scientifically” were dead wrong again. I was walking my dogs early in the AM and I always talk to them as we stroll through the woods. I said, “Boys, enjoy this great weather, because the weatherman said this afternoon it is going to rain.” That afternoon, when the rain failed to materialize, we were romping together in the field under the blue sky and I was again reminded of what my father always said, “If you really want an accurate weather forecast, look out the window.”

I guess we all want some expert to tell us what will happen in the future, for some reason there is comfort in knowing whether it will be sunny (good news) or rainy (bad news, except for farmers, God bless them!)

It is the same with pollsters who tell us on a daily basis who is winning based on “scientific” sampling. Bless their highly overpaid paid little hearts. They send us all, both Democrat & Republican, into wild mood swings. As the polls widen and narrow this year, Liberal pundits get loonier and Conservative pundits throw up their hands in defeat … same old, same old.

So this year I decided to finally take my father’s advice about the weather and apply it to politics. I decided to look out the window and believe my lying eyes. I spent weeks visiting websites and spoke with people in search of anecdotal evidence gleamed from folks all over this country. Here is my result, John McCain will win and it will probably be a decisive win.

One anecdote, by itself, means nothing … but thousands do. The massive silence of the silent majority is deafening, people whispering their support for McCain in hushed, fearful voices revealing themselves only to relatives and like minded friends. We only have to look at the persecution of Joe the Plumber to understand the reason for their fear.

Then there is the lack of yard signs in many Democrat yards when, let’s face it, only Republicans need fear their signs or homes will be vandalized.

The large crowds at GOP rallies who come, not because they were stuffed into a bus and given free food.

Then there are the local Democrat candidates who, in many small cities and towns, have their own signs up but no Obama signs.

How about the protesting of the Liberals who, yes, even picket and protest the existence of McCain campaign offices? The list of anecdotes is endless but the most telling is that while those Libs are outside many of the McCain headquarters protesting, the silent majority is inside working the phones and getting out the votes and they are getting a very positive response. These volunteers don’t do it for money, or free food, or drugs, or cigarettes, or even because they love McCain … they do it because they love their country.

Yes, there are the young people at high schools and colleges who wear McCain t-shirts hidden under their sweaters and jackets … a conservative act of defiance … well, who did you think was buying them all … senior citizens?

And last, but not least is my Mom, who is plugged into the senior community and has yet to find one that is not voting for McCain.

I love anecdotes because they are real stories from real people. But for those who prefer “scientific facts” to thousands of anecdotes, I am reminded of the words from a song “If I had a reason to believe, I’d believe that it’s all true.” Just check out the Democrat primary polls. The PUMAS remind everyone, the punsters and pollsters were dead wrong about their gal Hill, the real winner of the Democrat Primaries, that is, if they weren’t rigged. That is no anecdote.

Oh well, I just looked out my window at our great nation (everyone should try it sometime without the polarizing filters) and the weather is great right up to and including November 4th My dogs will get lots sunshine time and I don’t really care what the weatherman says because I already voted for McCain/Palin.

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