South Carolina and Florida: What's the Story?

Heading into South Carolina and Florida, the media is pushing the narrative that those primaries will allow Romney to seal his victory. For the remaining viable challengers to have any chance, this narrative needs to change.

According to RCP, the SC and FL polling currently looks like:

SC: 31.3 Romney, 20.7 Santorum, 19.7 Gingrich, 10.7 Paul, 5.0 Perry, 2.3 Huntsman
FL: 33.0 Romney, 25.0 Gingrich, 11.3 Santorum, 7.3 Paul, 4.5 Perry, 1.5 Huntsman

The question is whether Romney will be able to win nationally based on such a small plurality in the early contests, or whether the other campaigns will fold into each other to produce a national 2-man race. I tend to think that the latter case offers the best preparation for the eventual nominee, no matter who that may be.

So I’d like to throw out a request for redstate.com readers. If we want South Carolina and Florida to be about narrowing the race as opposed to confirming the front-runner, how can buzz be generated about the race to be the Romney alternative? What can the candidates do to shift the focus so that coming out of these contests the nation is looking at the results of the Gingrich-Santorum-Perry race?