Hope for the future? Not all kids are as ignorant as the Occupy crowd.

We’re always hearing about the failures of modern civics education. Well here are a couple of anecdotes to give you a glimmer of hope.

On Thursday evening, I brought home Chinese food. My five-year-old daughter’s fortune cookie read “Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it.” She smiled and said “that’s what we learned about for Veteran’s Day.” She also told us about the special guest who spoke to her kindergarten class. It was her classmate’s father, who “served in the Air Force and fixed the planes to help us win the war.”

Then on Friday, I was in the car with my third-grade son. Somehow, the subject of the Christmas tree tax came up. He asked “How can President Obama do that? Doesn’t Congress have to pass a law to make a new tax?”

So at least in my little corner of New Hampshire, maybe there is hope for the future.