The O'Donnellfication of Herman Cain?

There is one line of political attack in this primary election that all RedStaters should unite against — the poison pill.  The Democrats control the Senate right now because Republicans allowed Republicans to wage and tolerate the waging of poison pill attacks.  If any of us allow our strategy to be that of making a particular opponent “damaged goods,” trusting that disqualification will follow in the course of the primary process, then we risk sowing the seeds of our own doom.

Is Herman Cain becoming a Christine O’Donnell?  Is the current news cycle giving his campaign a path of least resistance to a primary victory that precludes success in the general election?  Right now Mr. Cain’s biggest enemy is isolation.  He needs to do all that he can to gain visibility outside the bubble.  So far, his campaign has not shown signs of understanding the nature of the terrain in front of them.  Critical pieces of his team are missing and time is short.

Meanwhile, what are Republican activists doing in general?  Are we allowing this manufactured nonsense to consume our nominating process?  We certainly are, and many of us are hoping that our particular candidate will benefit in some way, or that it will take out a rival.  This is not the game we should be playing — if we do, we all will lose.

Right now, Mr. Cain needs to simply say “put up or shut up” and leave it there.  Unless someone can present a specific individual with a specific accusation, then it is time to move on.  Hopefully tomorrow’s “Lincoln-Douglas” debate in Houston will be an opportunity to get out of the mud for a few seconds, not because the mud will be gone, but rather because Speaker Gingrich will be offering the first really substantive test of Cain’s economic vision.

I would much rather have such a test be what determines which candidate stands as an alternative to Romney.