A******s on our side are a big part of our problem

So today I’m out chopping wood, and I see some people cutting through the yard. They are back in the woods a bit, and I figure they are just the neighbor’s kids. A bit later I hear what sounds like a shot. Then I walk around the front and find their van.

These jerks were cutting through what is obviously a residential area and hunting in the neighbors’ backyard.

Now I just moved in and never bothered to put up “posted” signs because the frontage was obviously settled residential all up and down the street. I suppose they may have been able to cut through six or seven backyards to get past the residential area, but I doubt they even did that.

And those jerks — they could see me chopping wood — they just hurried back into the woods. They didn’t even have the courtesy to ask permission to cut through.

We’ll I’ve now ordered a bunch of “posted” signs on E-bay, but let me just point out to any RedStaters that might be willing to listen that it is that sort of jerk that is ruining things for the rest of us.

We are losing our rights because fewer and fewer of us are mindful of even common courtesy. We’ve become so darn self-centered. That is why so many people are looking to impose more and more regulations.

If we cannot address this degeneration of our culture, then we are doomed to tyranny.