Judgment Day

If Obama wins, America is simply receiving the leader she deserves. Those of us who choose Obama’s neo-Communist vision do not deserve to live in a free society.

If Obama wins, Republicans are simply receiving a well-deserved judgment. If only took two years for the 1994 new GOP majority to turn to incumbency protection games and corruption. How many good people were pushed out? How many Republican leaders simply sought to play the same power games are the Democrats had for decades before?

If Obama wins, Conservatives are simply receiving a well-deserved judgment. How many conservatives have allowed themselves to ride along with a corrupt Republican leadership without attempting to take a stand? How many of us have allowed our beliefs to get watered down into constructs lacking intellectual depth or perception of the world around us? How many of us have accepted bogus arguments that moral issues are best buried or diluted so as to maximize the prospects of electoral victory?

If Obama wins, even the Joe-the-Plumber types among us are reaping what they deserve. How many won’t put up a lawn sign for fear of vandalism? How many avoid water cooler conversation opportunities for fear of the derision of co-workers?

Let us not only pray for a victory. Let us examine ourselves and our faults. Let us don sackcloth and ashes and pray for forgiveness. Let us resolve that whoever wins we will put ourselves in the service of the higher calling that we have received to preserve, protect and defend a society which maximizes our freedom to choose and do what is good, and that allows us to realize the benefits of a hard life chosen when comfort is in reach.

An if McCain wins, let us also realize that it is only by God’s forgiveness that we have been granted a reprieve. All of us deserve Obama. All of us deserve even worse. We need to build a new conservative movement that is more than an empty Reagan nostalgia club, and more than a temporary confluence of interests. We need to form a vision of how a free society can exist and thrive in a modern infrastructure-dependent world. We need to form a vision of how a society that respects life can persist in a world where so much is to be gained from choosing death. We need to form a vision of a world where religion is at the center of a science-based society.

God will allow us to suffer an Obama presidency if we cannot honestly commit to such a cause. For under Obama such things must and will happen in the shadows, someday to emerge from the ashes of a fallen empire. But let us repent and commit ourselves to prayer and service despite the outcome, and maybe He will favor us with His mercy.

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