Choosing an effective Ayers message

I am worried that the GOP is on the verge of misplaying the Ayers issue. This is something that should be a big liability for Obama. However, many of the persuadable voters out there want to believe in a political messiah who will bring us back to the mythical fat dumb and happy 90’s. People are looking for a reason to give Obama a pass on Ayers. Most of the electorate does not want to believe that a candidate that they feel a personal affinity toward might harbor extremist views. That is why going at associations can easily be spun as an unfair or even racist attack.

Here is a way around that spin.

Begin script:

As a community organizer, Barack Obama worked with Acorn, an activist group that believes that it is so important for liberal politicians to win election, that they are willing to sanction voter fraud when it helps their cause.

As an aspiring Chicago politician, Barack Obama allied himself with Bill Ayers, a 60’s radical who believes that domestic terrorism is justified if it is in service of a left-wing agenda.

Now does Barack Obama share these extremist views? Probably not. But how can someone who sees nothing wrong with allying himself with such extremists be expected to unite the country?

We need someone who has consistently sought to me mindful of the sensibilities of mainstream America, even when he had to take an unpopular stand. We need John McCain.

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