McCain Message: A Cr*p Sandwich

Here are a few thoughts regarding upcoming opportunities for McCain:

  • Use a good phrase

“Obama thinks America’s hate of George Bush runs so deep that he can sell a cr*p sandwich of tax increases and surrender.”

  • Continue with an appeal to the middle

“Bush has made some huge mistakes, and many times I’ve called him on it, but if you are consistently opposed to someone who is wrong half the time, then you are wrong half the time. In a two party system we are often stuck going back and forth between two sides who are wrong half the time. Mr. Obama has towed the left’s party line consistently. Any American who thinks my track record is towing the party line has either had his head in the sand all these years or has been drinking the Kool-Aid.”

  • How about a high road attack

“Even though it would have benefited my campaign, I’ve been holding my fire until the emergency economic measures passed the House. Now that we’ve taken action, I’m going to name names and tell you how we got into this mess…”