Does McCain have a plan?

That’s our big point of contention. We don’t know if McCain is blindly following some internal sense of honor. We don’t know if he is simply desperate to do something “bipartisan.” We don’t know if he actually has a strategy in mind. We don’t even know if McCain really wants to win. But we do know that he can think strategically and that he does have a few clever folks on his team.

The same is true of the Palin interviews. She is clearly overconstrained. I think any conservative Republican would be in a similar position because it is very easily to find oneself on the opposite side of an issue. How can anyone sync up with McCain. But does she have a vision of her role in the campaign? Is it a role that she has accepted, or is she feeling boxed in by the McCain team? It could be that the plan is to get prerecorded interviews, where much power is given to the hostile editors, out of the way early so that live interviews can dominate the last few weeks of the campaign. Gov. Palin has the best opportunities in live interviews in local markets.

We can only hope that McCain wants to win and has a plan to do so. Our longstanding opinions of McCain drive our interpretation of the moment and the nature of that hope.

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