The Watercooler ~ Just Come In

I was talking to one of my aunts yesterday on the phone. She played a key role in my life when I was a child. It was at her church when I was just eight years old that I first heard about Jesus. There was already so much turmoil, fear and suffering in my life that at the end of the sermon, when the pastor gave an altar call, I got up and ran down to the front to get my name written in the Lamb’s book of life.

I could not believe that everyone was not running down there. It was the best news I had ever heard. Jesus had paid my sin debt so that I could be forgiven and live forever. I looked around thinking where was everybody else?

My aunt and I were talking about the same thing yesterday. We both know close relatives who are stubbornly refusing to let God in their lives and it stymies us. How could people not love someone who suffered so much for us so that we could be set free from our sorrow and the darkness in this world?

Stop running. Just come in.

As you might suspect, I’m already tired of talking about politics for this week, but if you must, go ahead.

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