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Anyone who really knows me from my writings at RedState knows that my faith informs my political views. I have been writing diaries here for over three years and — like many of you — struggle with how to incorporate biblical values back into the political discourse in the public square. It is a huge failure on the part of the church that we have allowed such open disdain and hostility toward the sacred and beautiful scriptures to back us into a defensive corner. This is why I am dedicating this diary to a very courageous man — Father Josiah Trenham, Pastor at Saint Andrews Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA.

Father Josiah was one of the main speakers at the Unite IE Conservative Conference that I attended over the weekend. Nestled amongst such well-knowns as Carly Fiorina and Governor Rick Perry, Father Josiah’s speech was so sincere and powerful that he received a standing ovation from the close to one-thousand attendees.

I was so impressed that I — a believer with a Protestant background, although with a penchant for non-denominational churches — attended his church, pictured at the top of this diary, on Sunday morning to thank him and applaud him. He spoke boldly at the conference about the degradation that ensues when any culture is stupid enough to defy God’s laws. Like most real Christians, abortion and homosexuality were at the top of his concerns and specifically named (calling homosexuality its more graphic name, “sodomy”) as exceptionally degrading sins. If there were any offended Libertarians or “social liberals” in the audience, or even ambivalent believers who really think we should keep our religion to ourselves and shut up about it, they were no where to be seen during the enthusiastic standing ovation he received.

The other excellent point Father Josiah made was to justify the importance of mixing church and state, and he used biblical examples to illustrate how God has always used the voices of prophets to speak into the lives of civic leaders. For example, it was the prophet Nathan who brought King David to his knees in repentance after he fell so tragically, and the prophet Jeremiah was the one God used to speak into King Josiah’s life. Father Josiah repeatedly admitted he was not a politician, but a man of God who was to speak the truth no matter how the political chips may fall.

It was awesome and the people loved it.

Stay bold, Christians. Most people, deep down, know and love the truth when they hear it.

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