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Thought it was time to stop by RedState and let you know what mischief I have gotten myself into.

In the past, I have agonized regarding feeling stuck in a state that has politically fallen completely off the deep end. For a person such as myself, whom I sometimes describe as being “born conservative,” watching the gradual demise and takeover of California by the wretched Communist…er, I mean Democrat Party, has been like a kind of torture much worse than water boarding. I have questioned the Lord about it and wondered why He has not made a way of escape for me. Like so many others that have thrown in the towel and left here, I also have plotted in my mind a way out. But like that scripture that says, “A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” I have had to trust that there is a method to the Lord’s madness in keeping me here.

Now, I am beginning to see glimmers of hope and satisfaction as I take my eyes off of Washington, D.C. and get more involved locally.

In 2013, I helped my local councilman — Mike Soubirous — get elected. He is a strong Christian, retired C.H.P. and took the time to comb the neighborhood in his ward to find out what people were really concerned about. One of those things was the outrageous Red Light Camera program that had cameras spying on drivers at over thirty intersections all over town. Installed in 2007, there were conflicting reports on the effectiveness of the program which was supposed to prevent red-light running and make driving safer. However, many of the tickets given were for rolling right turns rather than truly dangerous red-light running. But the most despicable aspect of the program was the over $500. fines that were dished out and nearly impossible to contest.

Kudos to Councilman Soubirous who followed through on his promises after he was elected and spearheaded an end to the program. Just a few months ago, all of the cameras were taken down and we all breath easier driving around town, now. Then, the councilman persisted in questioning the status quo that for over thirty years allowed only one ambulance company to operate in the city. It turns out that no one on the council was able to figure out why this had been allowed, and there was a near unanimous vote (one dissenting) to end the monopoly and allow three other companies to apply for licenses to operate in the city.

Wow. All politics are local. These little victories have greatly encouraged me and given me hope that even in a blue state you can make a difference.

Finally, next month, we are having our second Unite IE Conservative conference. Some of you may remember the diaries I wrote about the first conference I attended last year. The Unite IE Conservative Conference is a grassroots gathering of patriots from the Inland Empire region (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) and throughout Southern California who are committed to restoring freedom from the bottom up. This year’s conference theme is, “Bringing the Conservative Wave to California,” and Governors Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry will be among the speakers. The comaraderie and networking is invaluable. The coalition of various activists spreads the gamut from the Redlands Tea Party (one of the most effective TPs in Cali) to churches concerned about religious freedom, to a group concerned about voter fraud, to one concerned about illegal immigration, as well as a chapter of ACT! — which stays on top of the spread of Islamism in America. I left last year feeling energized, hopeful and refreshed.

Well, I hope this gives others of you trapped inside dark blue states ideas and hope for the future. And, as always, the Watercooler is always an open thread.