The Watercooler ~ Unto Us a Child Is Born

Thank God we live in America. Though she is currently bruised and battered and struggling to recover her true identity, along comes the celebration of celebrations to remind us of things that truly matter — in this world and in this life. No leftist ideology or hatred spewed from the mouths of the ignorant and the arrogant can extinguish the Light of Christ, nor prevent its life-giving influence from permeating our culture.

Love is more powerful than hate, and, along with it, Hope springs eternal. Whether we realize it or not, God is still blessing and sustaining this great nation. Not only that, but I believe we are about to witness a HUGE backlash against the evil forces that have tried to destroy our faith — in ourselves and in our exceptional nation — through the forces of the ungodly progressives.

For those of us who have questioned why God would allow us to sink to such depths (and allow the most progressive, anti-god president to be elected twice), I truly believe part of the reason is so that we could see what happens when we take our blessings for granted and flaunt our fingers in the face of the One who made it all possible. Sometimes God has to allow devastating consequences to teach his children powerful lessons.

Have a wonderful Christmas, RedStaters. I hope my music selection enriches your day.


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