The Watercooler ~ After the Gathering

I have a really busy day ahead of me so I will keep this Watercooler brief today. There is probably going to be a lot of information coming in from attendees and front pagers who attended the Gathering, and a lot to absorb for those of us who were not there. But the topic Erick brings up in this diary this morning — what I would describe as “destructive hostility” — is one of my main concerns for myself personally moving forward. The way we interact with each other and deal with our justified anger and disappointment with specific individuals, or over issues we feel strongly about, is so cantankerous and toxic that it repels the very people we need to get — and stay — involved.

And yet we criticize and demean “low info-voters” for their apathy and reluctance to do “their civic duty” and contribute more to the process than just promising to vote.

For those of us who are Christians, the Bible has a lot to say about our tongues and how we use them. And I don’t recall reading anywhere that there are exceptions to the rules for those who are involved in politics. We must find a way to improve before we self-destruct.

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