The Watercooler ~ Primaries Open Thread

Polls are open in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington. The U.S. Senate race in Kansas where Milton Wolf is trying to unseat long-time establishment crony Pat Roberts is of particular interest. Too many races to cover them all so I hope those of you on the ground in these states will stop by and fill us in on what’s going on.

Have a great day. This from gekster in Michigan:

Just got back from voting.
Weather it does any good for my cause or not, I did vote.
The fact that one more number will show up on how many voted
in my district means something.
And to all of those out there who are making any excuse
whatsoever as why not to vote, just remember all of those
who gave their lives and risked their lives,
from the Revolutionary war to Iraq and Afghanistan,
just so you can make an excuse not to vote.
If you vote for the most brilliant candidate in the world,
or some raging moron, it still behooves you to vote.
Personally, I don’t care who you vote for, just go out and vote.
One more thing, to quote John Denver:
“If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.”

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