The Watercooler ~ The Same-Sex Marriage Trap

Progressives are language manipulation masters. Their arguments for or against an issue are designed to corner you with words created to make the ill-prepared and/or the simple-minded retreat from the argument. And they love to play victim and scream about their rights being violated if you do not cave into their demands. Such is the case with those whose mission is to redefine marriage.

If you look at the history of the so-called “gay rights movement” over the last twenty years or so, they have changed the language they use when they see danger encroaching upon previous terminology. Recall when the preferred term to refer to homosexual relationships was “sexual preference”? Like preferring chocolate over vanilla, a person’s preferred choice of engaging in sex with the same sex was simply that — a preference. Until it became clear that they needed to up the ante because the term sexual preference implied choice as in free-will. Refusing to allow people to believe homosexuals choose their behavior, the terminology was suddenly changed to “sexual orientation” and the argument centered around the permanence and unchangeable nature of a person being born gay. Never mind that the science does not support that theory. It is so because they say it is so. End of discussion.

Now, the movement has reached full-blown maturation and the language gurus are using the deceptive term “marriage equality” to make you cringe at the thought of denying someone a right that should be available to all. Tricky tricks of the language gurus who really are just manipulation masters.

Here’s a great clip showing Ryan T. Anderson, William E. Simon Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, calmly and rationally dismantle their argument in less than five minutes:

Well done, Ryan.

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