The Watercooler ~ Heaven Is For Real Open Thread

I haven’t seen an open thread in a while so I thought I would put one up with a trailer of another new faith-based movie being released today, “Heaven Is For Real.”

It is based upon a true story of the Burpo family whose three-year-old son had a near-death experience and actually went to heaven where he had quite an amazing experience.  Among many things that happened there, he met his sister whom he knew nothing about.   She was lost through a miscarriage and his parents had never told him about it.

This is very encouraging for those of us who mourn over the loss of so many babies in the womb due to abortion.  I am so glad so many quality faith-based movies are being made.  Let’s show our support and go see this one, too.


In an unrelated subject, I’m sure y’all have noticed gas prices spiking the last couple of weeks and yesterday, the top price for regular gas in my California county was at $4.59 per gallon. Any toppers out there?

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