Elijah Cummings' Investigation of True The Vote in Maryland an Open Secret

After doing a little snooping around to see what may have motivated Congressman Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, to cozy up to the IRS to coordinate an investigation into True the Vote, it’s not hard to see the trail Cummings left behind.

Turns out, Cummings was openly vilifying True the Vote’s activities in Maryland as early as October of 2012 when he announced that he was launching an investigation into True the Vote “requesting documents relating to the group’s “horrendous record” of filing inaccurate voter registration challenges across the country.” Just days before the launch of Cummings investigation, The Maryland Reporter published an extensive report on the findings of Election Integrity Maryland — who describes itself as “Empowered by True the Vote” on their website, and whose founder modeled their organization after True the Vote. The report was a scathing account of the results of their investigation of potential voter fraud in Maryland:

To date, the group has researched 1% of Maryland’s registered voting population in five counties — Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Wicomico. Its findings have revealed 1,500 deceased still on active voter registration rolls, nearly 700 duplicate voter registrations — many out of state — and several hundred voters who listed a vacant lot or business address as their residential address. Thousands were identified as having address inconsistencies.

“Having just scratched the surface of Maryland voter registration research, we have found hundreds of duplicate registrations, some within the state of Maryland, others in both Maryland and in one other state,” said Catharine Trauernicht, vice president of Election Integrity Maryland. “We know the boards are looking into our research, but [we] have not been told specifically which of our irregularities cited have been, in fact, corrected.”

Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, Maryland’s two largest counties, have the largest numbers of inconsistencies so far.

In Prince George’s County alone, the group identified nearly 500 dead people still on active registration rolls. Several hundred voters were found to be registered twice – primarily in Maryland and another state, and 400 voters listed vacant lots or businesses as their residential addresses.

With Maryland’s True the Vote affiliate — Election Integrity Maryland — exposing evidence like this after researching only 1% of the registered voting population in five counties, no wonder Cummings felt threatened enough to act recklessly to obstruct any attempts to stop what appears to be massive voter fraud taking place right under his nose.

One more interesting point. When you link to Cummings’ official website you will see a link to take you to the “full letter” that Cummings wrote announcing his investigation of True the Vote in October of 2012. When you click on it, it has been taken down. Wonder what he may be hiding now that Issa made public that Cummings’ office was working in conjunction with the IRS’s illegal harassment of True the Vote?

It’s really not that hard to connect all the dots. The Democrats just hate it when anyone has the audacity to do so.