The Watercooler ~ Gotta Thank Breitbart

Just when I think it’s time for me to disappear into the political darkness, never to be seen or heard from again (due to overwhelming nausea and despair regarding the seemingly unending domination of the left in my beloved state of California,) Breitbart comes to the rescue with its refreshing, funny, no-holds barred new edition of Breitbart California.

It is a brilliant strategy. Designed to make the left scream, pull out their hair and pee all over themselves, I am dancing for glee and laughing — even at the raunchy stuff — that I would hesitate to do myself (as a devout Christian, y’all). However, when you’ve been pushed around by the bad guys long enough, what may have seemed too raunchy at one time becomes appropriate payback in due season.

Breitbart California is wasting no time going after the L.A. Times whose smugly biased liberal reporting has gone basically unchallenged for long enough. Finally, I’m feeling energized and enjoying watching the left scream and squirm, and hopefully, this is the beginning of seeing the tables turn out here. With the help of our Brietbart friends, I can actually envision Cali flipping red. RedStateCalifornia…here we come!

Thank you, Breitbart, for a job well done.

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