Democrats' Incredible (Sickening) Loyalty to Harry Reid

I found this piece in Politico fascinating to read. By his own arrogant admission:

Harry Reid says he’s ready to return as Senate Democratic leader — win or lose the majority this November — so long as his colleagues are ready to support him.

The article then quotes an array of Democrats in the Senate who — at least in public — place most of the blame for the poor standing of their party not on the despicable leadership of Harry Reid, but on the failures of the Obama administration:

Even if Democrats lose the majority, Reid’s top deputies and potential successors, including Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Patty Murray of Washington, are already committing to get behind the five-term Nevadan if he were to run as minority leader.

Reid’s support remains solid in part because most Senate Democrats blame the White House — not him — for their increasingly tenuous hold on power.

Perhaps Reid’s hubris, denial of reality and self-love even exceeds, if possible, that of Obama’s. Only a blind fool could completely disqualify himself as having played any role in losing the support of most Americans if they lose the Senate — a likely event — come November:

It’s certainly still feasible that a disastrous outcome on Election Day changes Senate Democrats’ minds about whether to reelect Reid as their party’s leader, especially if a number of the 16 Democratic incumbents running for reelection don’t return.

Reid himself has signaled no intention of stepping down, saying repeatedly in interviews that he would run for majority or minority leader as long as he has the support of his caucus. He has said he would even run for reelection in November 2016 — even though he’ll be nearly 77 years old at that time, when some believe he’ll call it quits instead.

Unbelievable!!! Hubris and stupidity go together. It will be interesting to see how this really plays out come November.