The Watercooler ~ Governor Moonbeam Shines Light on Scandal-Ridden Senators

Even Governor Jerry Brown could not stay silent any longer and called on the three state senators engulfed in scandal to resign.

Gov. Jerry Brown called on three scandal-plagued state senators to resign on Friday, speaking out for the first time on a series of criminal cases that have sapped Democrats’ power in the Capitol and tarnished the Legislature’s image.

Brown’s statement comes hours after the Senate voted to suspend Sens. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), Ronald S. Calderon (D-Montebello) and Roderick D. Wright (D-Inglewood).

“Given the extraordinary circumstances of these cases – and today’s unprecedented suspensions – the best way to restore public confidence is for these senators to resign,” Brown said.

From time to time, the Moonbeam shows sparks of moderation even when it exposes his own party’s weaknesses. (Note: His colleagues in the Senate could only bring themselves to suspend the wrongdoers which means they would continue being paid.)

I suspect one of the reasons the Dems are so easy on their own when they fall into legal trouble is because they can all easily see themselves in the same boat and wouldn’t want “due process” to be denied when they get caught. After all, they’re entitled.

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