The Watercooler ~ Hobby Lobby Green Family are American Heroes [UPDATE]

So much for the separation of church and state

If you haven’t said a prayer for Hobby Lobby yet today, please do so. Their attorneys will bring their case before the Supreme Court seeking relief from the abortifacient contraceptive mandate tucked neatly into Obamacare and being foisted upon Americans in businesses, churches and hospitals across the land.

One of the disadvantages people of faith encounter while defending their rights to practice their faith in every area of life is the ignorance and blindness of unbelievers as they demand that we sit down, shut up, and stay in our pews to practice our “religion.” Little do they realize that our faith goes with us wherever we go and it cannot be spliced and diced up to suit their secular tolerance levels.

My hope is that through this process, Christians will be forced to take a stand and learn the art of apologetics in the public square. If we do not continue to take bold stands against the notion that it is even possible to “separate church and state,” we will be beaten into a corner permanently by those who are obsessed with isolating us and prohibiting us from exercising our faith according to the dictates of our conscience. And nobody has the right to force us to violate our conscience — be it in the public square, our private businesses and corporations, the public schools or the pew.

If the Supreme Court gets this one wrong, we have a more difficult road ahead of us. I pray that they have the good sense to see the importance of allowing the Green family to run their business with the freedom to incorporate their personal religious convictions into their policies as protected under the First Amendment.

UPDATE: Here is a brief synopsis from The Foundry on how the Supreme Court reacted to the Hobby Lobby’s case today.

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