The Watercooler ~ Friday's Open Thread Miscellany

In a recent diary you can find here, the analysis of how Republican Kevin Faulconer won the San Diego Mayor’s race failed to address a key factor — the GOTV efforts. This piece by Jason Cabal Roe, a Republican political consultant in San Diego, gives credit where credit is due:

While there has been much focus on Republican Kevin Faulconer’s convincing victory in deep-blue San Diego’s mayor’s race, the analysis hasn’t included what those of us in San Diego know to be a key factor in the win: a dedicated group of young GOP operatives, many who volunteer their time each election to build one of the most impressive GOTV operations in California.

Bravo to the local team of foot soldiers in San Diego.

Not to belabor the point, I asked this question in the last Watercooler to see if anyone else was having the same problem since the WordPress changes. Since then, at the suggestion of another commenter, I re-registered to receive the Morning Briefings in my inbox each morning and I’m still not getting them. Does anyone else have the same issue or any suggestions for what I can do to get them again?

Not trying to pile on with criticism of the changes as I’m sure the techs are working on the problems. It’s just good for communication to commiserate and acknowledge that we are not alone in the frustration with different problems.

Also, we still see Front Pager’s diaries mixed in with non-front pager’s diaries in the “ALL” column. Feel free to make note in the comments of any other problems you may be having in case a Mod drives by and takes note.

Good luck, techs.