The Watercooler ~ American Comeback, a project of the Republican Governors Association [UPDATE]

The Republican Governors Association has launched a new project dubbed, “American Comeback,” featuring ads of various Republican Governors touting the work they are doing in their states to bring America back to being a prosperous nation. From their launch page:

Republican Governors are not going to take a back seat to anyone in Washington anymore.

The answers aren’t coming from Washington. Republican Governors don’t just talk about conservative ideas, they put them into action. Republican Governors are driving the American comeback.

The Republican Governors Association is launching the first five of what will be a series of ads featuring Republican Governors from around the country. We are also beginning a national online advertising campaign designed to bring the stories of our Republican Governors to the public.

We are no longer going to outsource the Republican brand to the talking heads in Washington.

We are not going to allow the Republican Party to be defined by the dysfunction in Washington.

We are not going to allow the antics in Washington to damage or destroy what we stand for.

The media are focused on Republican infighting — they want to pit the “establishment” versus the “grassroots”.

Republican Governors are showing that when you turn conservative principles into real policies, they work.

The American people are going to hear more from Republican Governors about solutions that work in their states. Many like to say that Republican Governors should be the face of the Republican Party. The truth is, because we don’t live inside the Beltway, or New York, we haven’t been. But we are making great things happen.

Here’s a preview of one of their ads:

I like the positive messaging, as well as refusing to “allow the Republican Party to be defined by Washington dysfunction.” After the disastrous 2012 presidential primaries depicted our party viciously fighting each other, it would be nice to have a little less vitriol and more agreement on conservative principles we all share.

UPDATE: Evidently, Governor Chris Christie’s New Jersey scandal isn’t hurting him as badly as the Democrats would like. According to Politico, under Christie’s chairmanship, the RGA raised a record $6 million in the month of January. (Governor Rick Perry bragged on Hannity’s show tonight that $1.5 million of that came from Texas.)

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