The Watercooler ~ Do I Hear a Tea Kettle Whistle Spewing?

We’re now entering into the Tea Party’s fifth year since its spontaneous emergence in 2009. Some continue to ignore us, others mockingly dismiss us, misrepresent us and belittle us.

Myself, I see another Tea Party wipe-out coming in the next election.

And this time, the rage is thoroughly at both parties. In fact, most of us are even more outraged at the Republican establishment than we are at any progressive Dem.

We have watched the Republicans sabotage and pilfer away the power we won in the 2010 election and we are shocked, but not stunned as in a stupor. Shocked as in more furious than we’ve ever been. Only this time around, we are stronger, wiser and more determined to finish what we started.

Our emergence has exposed the cowardice that lurks inside the Republican Party. Cowards that are out of touch with who the Tea Party really is and what we stand for. Cowards that pee on themselves in the face of courage when heroes such as Ted Cruz come on the scene and remind them of their treachery. Cowards who are such weakling traitors, they openly turned on us to embrace amnesty — because they really believe that is the way to win over our enemies.

Then there’s the IRS. Obama, in his pre-Super Bowl interview with O’Reilly yesterday, had the audacity to completely deny that there was anything nefarious or perhaps plotted by his administration, when the IRS was exposed targeting and sabotaging Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status. Only a fool could believe such lies.

But none of this moves us. We will prevail in the next election — to the dismay of both parties. While most Tea Party people were new political activists and have had to learn about the treacherous terrain they were embarking upon, we didn’t get into this because we’re cowards. And that’s why we won’t stop until we win.

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