The Watercooler ~ Look Me In The Eye

When I first came to RedState a few years ago, I frequently wrote about the internal struggle I fought with respect to living out my faith in the political public square. I was politically ignorant and naive in many ways and came here to learn and contribute, somehow, someway, to helping our crumbling, deteriorating nation be restored to her former glory.

Now, nearly three years later, I seem to have hit another brick wall. I feel utterly hopeless and it seems all of my efforts are for naught. The only solutions I can come up with are the early lessons I learned in my feeble attempts to serve the one I love more than any man — Jesus — and the political world seems as disinterested in this as they were when I started.

Nevertheless, they are still precious, timeless lessons that bring me comfort in my moments of despair. While you may not care for Margaret Becker’s genre of music, the words are timeless and may help you put things into perspective, too. God bless.

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