The Watercooler ~ Big Gov, Puny Church


So. By now, it should be getting clearer and clearer just who will suffer more when the “church” is kept out of government. (And by church, I am not referring to buildings, denominations or institutions…but to individuals who make up the church.)

Who would you rather be in authority over governmental institutions — with the coercive power to force/punish behavior they find disagreeable? A God-fearing person whose sense of justice is rooted in natural law and who understands the principles of mercy and compassion, or a God-hating control-freak who despises morals and good people because they threaten to expose their evil deeds?

Who do you think is more likely to temper the powers of government in favor of allowing local religious communities and schools to teach morality and reinforce godly living and principles — knowing that teaching piety and godliness will result in less government because citizens will grow up to become responsible adults — a God-fearer or a God-hater?

Who do you think would be wiser and more frugal with resources to help the poor? Our wonderfully honest and efficient government — who is ever ready to pay for the condoms and abortions of those who flaunt all morality and produce one illegitimate pregnancy after another? Or the God-loving people who understand the value of family and teach their children that sexual relationships carry with them great responsibility and are only allowed within the confines of marriage? (Between one man and one woman, that is.)

The further this nation moves away from its Judeo-Christian principles, the more obscene and tyrannic the government becomes. The bigger the atheists and moral-compromisers grow the dang thing, the more they feel empowered and entitled to harass those who won’t get in line with the government’s unreasonable directives.

Oh, for a return to the America of old.

On the other side of the coin, the more the government usurps the role of the church by pushing taxpayer-funded welfare, food-stamps and unemployment on the downtrodden, as well as dictate to doctors and insurance companies how to conduct their businesses, the more the churches and non-profits retreat from their role to provide charity and minister to the needs in the community. There is simply nothing good coming out of “separating church and state” that I can see. No. Not nothin’.

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