The Watercooler ~ All of Our Righteousness is as FILTHY Rags...Including Paul Ryan's

Okay, Bill S. This diary’s for you. And me. And everyone else at RedState who would echo the words you spoke — in despair — yesterday:

I see very little promise for the future. Even the best of them wind up turning on us. To hell with them all.

Not that I look to the mods to hang tight, never want to give up, or never feel like, “Why bother? Every single politician is worthless to the bone and we are fools for thinking otherwise.” I mean, for some reason, maybe I do look to you to give me a reason to keep trying to make a difference in America. And when even you cannot seem to do that, my world seems a little darker and little more hopeless.

So, once again, I’m reduced to looking to the Lord and not any man for my answers. Today, in light of the Ryan Betrayal Budget Proposal, the only thing I have to offer is a song.

God bless all you RedStaters. I’m praying for America…please join me and remember…

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