The Watercooler ~ Time For Friday Satire: Our President

While mulling over writing a diary about how it is becoming more and more apparent just how…dumb???…our president really is, Erick publishes a diary titled, “Is The President Smoking Weed Again?” calling Obama out for his “ignorance” regarding the causes of poverty and inequality:

The media has gone gaga over his speech, but here too the President has shown a deep ignorance.

In the meantime, my own disgust with the president’s knee-jerk disparaging of Republicans has got me feeling much less charitable and more like screaming this:

Dumb dog

I mean, how could the president be so…stupid!!!…that he continues to openly insult, denigrate and attempt to intimidate presumably nearly half of the citizens he is supposed to represent? Just how much are we supposed to take before we come to the conclusion that not only is the president ignorant, he is downright DUMB?

Dumb-Ass Chick 3

Okay, so I admit this is not a well-researched nor scholarly kind of diary. But sometimes I just have to spew regarding the blatant dumbness and stupidity (is there a difference?) being exhibited by the not-so-brilliant Democrat-turned-Socialist left. In the spirit of science, I guess you could say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In that regard, this diary is their due comeuppance.

The Watercooler is always an open thread…and you may spew, too, if you so desire.